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I am an all round creative with over 20 years experience. These days working in the digital arena with a few integrated briefs thrown in for good measure but online is where my strengths and heart lie.

I am just as happy designing/art directing a small funky campaign for a boutique startup or a massive CMS driven global site. I enjoy collaborating with content strategists, IAs and UX guys creating and overseeing pixel perfect PSDs for final production and engaging with top dev. guys.

I started on the boards and Cow Gum all those years ago. Then became a Designer/visualiser when Macs first came along, got pretty good at it, then ended up going freelance for about 10 years.

I spent a further 10 years at Joshua honing my skills, working with some fantastic people. In career terms, you could say I grew up there. I was there from day one as a Digital Designer and started taking on a more of a conceptual role expanding my knowledge of this then emerging new channel.

When the Digital and Creative departments merged at Joshua I was given the opportunity to work across all media and worked on Digital, DOOH, Outdoor, Press, Radio and a bit of TV.

After a severe case of redundancy I went freelance again, preferring long contracts.
I spent a year at Leagas Delaney and eighteen months at M&C Saatchi as a Senior Digital Designer/Art Director.

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recent projects and recommendations.


Agencies I have worked at both Freelance and Full time:

M&C Saatchi Digital Hub, Social Partners (Grey London), Ketchum, Leagas Delaney, Partners Andrews Aldridge, Rufus Leonard, Fearless Ideas, Joshua-G2, Grey Direct, Rapier, Wunderman, Y&R, Walsh Trott Chick Smith and HHCL & Partners among others.


Clients I have had the pleasure of working with over the years:

AEG, American Express, Andersen Consulting, BA, BA London Eye, Bacardi Group Ltd, BAT, British Gas, British Rail, BT, Cobra Beer, Canon, Castrol, Daihatsu, Fairy, FTI Consulting, GSK, Kodak, M&G Investments, Macmillan Cancer Support, Masterfoods, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide, Nescafe, Parcelforce Worldwide, Rank Xerox, P&G, Ricoh, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Royal Mail, Sony Europe, Swatch, Timberland, Tourism Australia, Toyota Europe, Virgin and Zurich Financial Services.

This site update from November ’13 is optimised for all devices. As it's an online portfolio there are different bespoke versions of the site for each viewport. It is not an all out responsive site. The phone version is currently in development.

I used this update as a training exercise, mainly to get my head round some of the new software offerings from Adobe on the Creative cloud: Namely, Muse, Edge Animate, Edge Inspect and Edge Code.

It’s by no means finished, like many designers sites, it's a labour of love as I continue to update areas of it as I learn new stuff and sharpen skills.

Most of the HTML5 animations on these pages were created in Edge Animate and Edge Inspect is really handy for testing on devices.

As a designer/AD. I found Muse to be great, it puts the control in the hands of designers. Cue the groans and rolling eyes from the hardcore dev. guys. And they would all be 100% correct. It's not meant for big builds but personal sites and portfolios, it's great. And, being updated all the time. I'm a big fan of Creative Cloud.

I am not by any means a coder so to have full control of my own portfolio is spot on. Also, quick prototypes and full working demos to show clients and as visual aids to brief in build is nothing short of invaluable.

Site update


I still spin tunes from time to time even though I am an old man. I don't play out anywhere near as much as I used to but I keep up with the latest releases on Beatport and Traxsource. The web can be a wonderful place and it gives me a creative outlet in the form of Mixcloud. I regularly upload mixes here, it allows me to keep my hand in and keep my phone refreshed and up to date with new tunes.

Here is one of my mixes. Have a listen, if you like it let me know, click on the links to see more of my previous mixes. Feel free to follow me too if you want a notification of new uploads.

Music is
the Answer

Getting up in front of a crowd of people and putting a mix together as a creative process can be very similar to putting together design and concepts for clients.

To fill the room and keep it bouncing you have to get to know and understand your audience. Very quickly seeing what tunes they like and will start get them moving on the dancefloor. You have to entice them in with something that they know and like. Girls especially like to sing along so vocal tracks first.

Once you have got too know them a little and you know what resonates, then you can hit them with that killer new tune you have been itching to play. Then the hands go up in the air and they will tell all their friends about the best night they had – Bingo, you've cracked it. Likes, Posts, Uploads!

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