Eristoff Vodka

The Brief
Eristoff asked us to look at their brand guidelines for them. The last time it had been updated was over five years earlier and like many brand guidelines it was a ring bound document with history, strategy and logo usage documentation with a CD in the back containing images and logos.

As they had been launching new flavour variants, to roll this all out again would have proved to be quite complicated and expensive.

They did have a basic text based file database for sharing files with suppliers but the front end wasn’t really up to the job. Files could be downloaded but the sitemap and navigation were very limited with no images or thumbnails. Unless you knew the file name you were looking for it was a bit hit and miss.

The Solution
We came up with an online solution that allowed the user to be engaged with the brand with impactful full screen images on every page. Javascript apps unsure the user is engaged with the content and users can download logos, images, product shots, PDFs, PPT presentations and press releases really easily either individually or as a complete toolkit package.

Because it is all database driven all the guideline documentation it is all completely update-able. The site is easily navigated with each section of the sitemap using a different background image from the ‘Land of the Wolf’ ATL campaign imagery. The product section takes on each flavour variant for its background.

I enjoyed working on this project, we really engaged the client and solved a lot of problems for them. We increased uptake and traffic from within their network.

This site went down really well as it allowed all of their suppliers, strategic partners, local and global offices easy access to all of the brands assets quickly and easily in an inspiring and immersive manner.

The rest of the team

Mike Cuthell
& myself

Product range pages with detail each flavour variant – Eristoff Original.

Product range pages with detail each flavour variant – Eristoff Gold.

Product range pages with detail each flavour variant – Eristoff Red.

Product range pages with detail each flavour variant – Eristoff Black.

Cocktails page with Concertina Javascript app.

Asset download page.

Tools and Resources. Guidelines and logos page with download functionality.

Experiential library.

Press Release library page.