Lightning Reports

Project managers need to make regular status reports, usually weekly. Unless they are all using the same tools or templates to create their reports they will be inconsistent both in data integrity and look and feel. This can lead to delays in business decisions as data isn’t trusted.

The brief was to take the Status Reporting engine from Polarisoft’s SaaS based enterprise level tool – PPMAnywhere and set it up as a stand alone app. This was to be run as a test to see if an entry level tool could be created. All software and tools created at Polarisoft follow a few basic principles. One of which is The Ten-Minute Rule, where regularly performed tasks should take no more ten minutes. This app was to be disruptor in the marketplace, it needs to be eye-catching and look good.

We created Lightning Reports. With its step-by-step process, each report is created quickly, accurately and consistently. The more you use it, the more you are using derived data with less cutting and pasting. Once though the interview ribbon step and all relevant sections updated, the user is invited to review and publish then be export to PDF or PowerPoint to be shared with team and stakeholders

Desktop, tablet and app store versions were developed with an updated and re-architectured code base and an exciting and eye-catching look and feel. The test was successful, with very little in the way of marketing the user base was increasing and in some cases Lightning Reports users were up-sold on to the PPMAnywhere platform

About Lightning Reports
The decision was made to bring the updated code back in to the enterprise level platform. The plan being to package up the reporting and timesheeting tools as part of the entry level offering of a three tiered Freemium structure of PPMAnywhere all under one brand.

The rest of the team

Minkit Wong
Jacky lam

Tech Director:
Stephen Brown

Lighting Reports – Splash Screen.

Lighting Reports – Dashboard.

Lighting Reports – Review and publish screen.

Lighting Reports – Report top.

Lighting Reports – Report Bottom.