M&G Investments

The Brief
Financial services is a fiercely competitive market – there are a lot of contenders with similar products in a very small space. M&G needed to improve their sales by adopting a creative vehicle with genuine appeal that would distinguish them from the rest.

The Solution
The insight: Financial services advertising is notoriously drab, and it all looks the same. Not only that, but independent financial advisers, our core audience, have little time on their hands.

We came up with a look and feel unlike that of any competitors. It featured the ampersand from M&G’s logo, to exploit the company’s extensive brand equity, and acted as a springboard for creative, flexible messaging that had a hugely positive impact on sales and awareness.

As a result of the campaign, brand awareness went through the roof, traffic to the website increased by over 2000%, and service uptake rose exponentially.

Not only did we work on the digital side of this campaign, we were given the opportunity to work on other aspects of it. Including Press, Outdoor and Digital Outdoor.

Every brief that came in from M&G had to work across both digital and traditional media. All digital concepts were homepage takeovers. Here you can see examples of Press, Outdoor, Digital outdoor and Online communications for various
M&G funds.

The rest of the team

Jess Little

Peter Denmark

Digital Escalator Panels.

Outdoor_Cautious Multi Asset Fund.

Full page press ad_Cautious Multi Asset Fund

DPS_Global dividend Fund.

MPU_Global dividend Fund.

Skyscraper_Global dividend Fund.

DPS_Uk Charities campaign.

Skyscraper_Uk Charities campaign.