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A lot of fun pretending to be a travel journalist.

When was the last time you said wow’ and truly meant it?

Probably when you were a kid right?

Well, that’s when it was for me. I asked my girlfriend this exact same question, she couldn't answer. So, we decided that I had to something about it. I had often seen my friends go off and do the backpacking thing years before and always wanted to do the same. To be honest, I'm not sure I had the bottle.

If you get the chance, save up your ‘hard earned’, plan your trip and buy a round the world ticket. Get out there and see some of it. In my opinion it is quite simply the best inspiration anyone get have. My girlfriend and I took a year out. It must have been good, she’s now my wife.

But, immersing yourself in other people’s cultures and history and seeing just the some of the planet's natural wonders is literally breathtaking. It fills your soul and gives you irreplaceable memories to last a lifetime.

We took a laptop and a couple of digital SLRs and we had a lot of fun pretending to be a travel journalists snapping and tapping away. We went to some amazing places with huge wow factor. I came back with a spring in my step, totally refeshed and ready to take on the the rigours of London life again.

We were by no means the first. Millions have been before us and millions will follow. These days backpacking and adventure travel is a multi million dollar industry.

Blogging wasn’t as popular as it is now so all my images were on an old version of my site, these days they are on Flickr. I also wrote a journal to keep in touch with my friends and family. See my Flickr stream.






Southern Thailand





French Polynesia

We did the first three months in South East Asia. Starting in Bangkok then on northern Thailand and on to Laos. From there Cambodia and then Vietnam. Southern Thailand and Malaysia to finish the first quarter.

Then Three Months in Australia was followed by a quick trip to Fiji then two months in New Zealand.

The South pacific took us to Easter Island and the Galapagos and the final Three months were in South America.

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New Zealand

Easter Island



Galapagos Islands




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