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Messing around, having fun learning new stuff.

Smoke trails: Using just one still frame and particle generators.

I used to do quite a lot of video and After Effects work. When my career took more of a conceptual direction I found that I wasn’t using timeline based apps as much. I was briefing other video professionals to implement my storyboards and bring them to life.

I found that the latest versions of AFX could do some really funky things and that I missed playing around with this amazing software. Also, there are so many fantastic resources out there online to help you improve your skills.

My favourite by far has to be Video Copilot. Andrew Kramer’s video tutorials are of such a high standard and there are over one hundred of them. He does so much in the way of special effects for film and TV on big budget project but still finds the time to share his knowledge. As you can tell, I’m a big fan.

I have a couple of example of the fruits of my labour here on these pages. They are only a few seconds long but I have a lot of fun learning new stuff. Playing around with these files adds to your skillbase and enhances future work. Check Video Copilot’s tutorial pages here.

Particle Zoom: Using just two still frames and particle generators.

3D Stroke Effect: Animate a thin particle system in 3D space.

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