Cobra beer

The Brief
Cobra is the UK’s favourite lager – in Indian restaurants. But nobody touches it in pubs, even though it’s more and more available. Unfortunately it wasn’t as single minded as it could have been. The client wanted to get across the low gas content of the product as well as inform the audience that Cobra was now available in pubs.

The Solution
The insight: Cobra’s less gassy than other lagers, so it goes down more easily. That means you can have a few in the pub without that bloated feeling getting in the way of good old fashioned banter.

We created an animated campaign that featured three everyday blokes in a pub having a gas free chinwag. The conversations were ad-libbed from a series of starting scripts, giving it a completely authentic feel. It was illustrated by Simon Spilsbury, and animated by 12Foot6. The campaign was spread across Cinema, Idents on the TV channel Dave, Trade and Consumer Press and Outdoor.

About Cobra
This started as a TV/Cinema brief that became an integrated one. Although there are no digital elements to it, it’s roots are very much in the Digital arena. It was inspired by Pub Dogs by 12foot6 and uses the same recording and animation techniques.

I was the lead creative on this project.
The rest of the team included

Dan Bryant

Simon Spilsbury


Max Oppenheim

TV/Cinema Advertisements

Cinema Ad – Bald

Cinema Ad – Lizzard’

TV Idents.
Sponsoring comedy on the TV channel Dave. The home of witty banter

TV Ident – Karaoke

TV Ident – Festival

TV Ident – DJ

TV Ident – Cocktails

TV Ident – Texture

TV Ident – Bank

TV Ident – Gastronomical

TV Ident – BBQ

TV Ident – Quiz

Half page in the London Lite. Tactical ad. to coincide with the banning of alcohol on the the London Underground.

Full page ads. Sunday Times Magazine & Observer Magazine.

Outdoor:  6 Sheet roadside, 6 Sheet underground and underground LEP, Phonebox and Taxiside.