The Brief
Increase and maintain engagement within social channels. Become the go-to online community with trusted content and shared advice that feeds family life. Carve a natural social space where we can credibly own kitchen and family life. Predominately female audience, mums and home makers.

Our role is to help you keep things running smoothly in the kitchen. This is how we feed family life.

The Solution
We needed to get under the skin of our target audience. The first thing I did was to read Bella, Chat and Woman’s Own. Working with a great team and a well thought out conversation calender, our key areas were: Family recipes, Family Rituals, Family Celebrations, and Kitchen life. Kitchen stories at the heart of family life.

Each month we focused our Facebook posts on shared experiences and kitchen stories such as: Seasonal triggers and month specific posts eg, Mothers day in March. Kitchen Tips and tricks. Money and time saving ideas (Fairyconomy) and Kitchen life, opinions on the heart of the home.

In a world that often pulls people apart, there is one place that brings families together again and again – The kitchen. Sometimes, things go wrong. Things get broken, milk gets spilled, food gets burned, tempers are lost.

Let’s discover and share these kitchen stories, big and small – the stories that feed family life.

I was the lead creative on this project.
The rest of the team included

Brooke Howard
Tom Cornish
James Ward

Photographer (Recipes):
Ian Garlick

Seasonal recipe ideas. Food shoot with Ian Garlick.

Helpful tip and tricks post.

Post to introduce the 12 days of Christmas concept.

Multiple choice posts generate comments – Choose your weapon.

Vector art illustration for ‘I do’ concept.

Traffic control concept.