FTI Consulting

The Brief
Their website was badly in need of an update. The feeling at FTI was that it looked too clean, dry, sterile and static. Other feedback showed that it was considered to feel too academic and worthy.

The brief was make it richer, weightier, stronger and more aggressive. This energetic new look and feel was to run though all pages of the global site, through to specific regional sites and on to content driven mobile microsites on iPad and iPhone.

The Solution
The first thing we did was introduce images with a strong, high contrast black and white treatment. Applying this strong styling made it look inherently ownable with a high quality feel and tied all the images together.

This art direction coupled with a disciplined colour palette gave the site a premium look with a more energetic, dynamic feel. It has increased engagement and has encouraged more FTI professionals within the global group to engage more and submit more content to the site.

My role as Design Lead, involved creating scamps at concept stage, collaborating with the content strategists and IAs, creating photography styles and mood boards and briefing the art buying team. Design included functionality, navigation, media icons and design language through to pixel perfect PSD files for final build.

About FTI Consulting
FTI Consulting are a global financial management consulting firm. They are leading experts in their fields providing innovative thought leadership across 80 different disciplines.

We were brought in to manage a difficult client relationship on a large scale web build. Large global firms such as FTI have long sign off procedures, often with u-turns and re-briefs. This required a senior team and I had an extremely good project manager to work with.

We turned the whole thing around and gained a great deal of trust from the client. They were extremely happy with the final result and there were plans to enter the project in for financial sector awards.

I was the lead creative on this project.
The rest of the team included

Julian Esposito

Chris Sams

Shannon Kalkstien

Industry page: Healthcare.

Industry page: Construction.

Industry page: Automotive.

Industry page: Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.

Service page: Business Valuation.

Service page: Strategic Communications.

Regional microsite: Panama.

Regional microsite: Argentina.