Kent DNA

The Brief
Our task was to develop the new Kent brand identity and product philosophy with clear guidelines for end markets to develop their own original but consistent Kent communications.

To ensure ‘buy-in’ the solution had to stand out from other brand guidelines. It had to take pride of place on a brand managers desk and have tactile qualities.

The Solution
The Kent DNA was conceived, a whole new way of thinking about the process of growing a brand. This “conversation piece”, three tiered container expressed the design principles in its overall design, shape, colour and materials. the different units house a 72 page brand manual, material samples and colour swatches. To create a little theatre, it was delivered to the brand manager desk in a transparent ‘inflatable pillow’. The recipient had to literally burst the bubble so to speak to open it.

The design principles were extended to the CD rom it presents all the details necessary for developing Kent applications in an elegant, easy-to-access format, consistent with the package as a whole. I can’t show too much of this project for legal reasons. Simply because these guidelines were for a cigarette brand.

This was more of a straight graphic design piece rather than an advertising or digital campaign. I was responsible for the entire thing from initial scamp through to final delivery.

It was the first time I had done anything like this before, we had a great budget and we really pulled out all the stops. The product design and production side of things were developed with Ben Jordan at Jordan design. It is in fact the oldest piece of work in my portfolio, but I can’t bring myself to take it out just yet.

I was the lead creative on this project.
The rest of the team included:

Production & 3D:
Jordan Design

Mark Nash

The DNA Box, unopened as it first arrived on a brand managers desk.

Opening the first lid reveals the brand guidelines book.

Opening the other layers reveals the print colour swatches and material samples.

The box opened showing print colour swatches.

The box opened showing material samples.

Initial Kent DNA box concept worked up in 3D for client presentation.

Alternative early stage concept.