I was responsible for the creative direction of the entire business and its products and services, from initial concepts through to final production. Not just the UI & UX of the products but also our marketing campaigns.

Could we take one tool from an enterprise level platform and role it out as a separate product? The outcome was quite surprising and lead to a full re-architecture of its bigger sister and the beginning of a four year journey.

User experience is such a huge part of digital design these days, product design methodologies have made a huge impact. I wanted to add another string to my bow, it was time for a refresher.

We were brought in to manage a difficult client relationship on a large scale web build. By the time we were put on the project it was in a bad way. No other creatives wanted to touch it. We turned the whole thing around and gained a great deal of trust from the client.

Previously the site had too many whizzy animations that didn’t reflect the understated quality of the brand. We made all interactions slick and refined. We also made the site search engine friendly, something it was clearly lacking.

When this brief came in, the CD called for a Gang Bang! Everyone submits ideas, get them on the wall. 

We brought digital techniques in to an integrated environment which were a little different – just what was needed.

‘Great, when can we build it”. We presented the work and they bought it there and then, no negative comments or amendments. We even said “Don’t you want to argue first?’

‘Traditional service in a modern manner’ now with a streamlined booking system, an up-to-date commercial back end and a new premium look and feel.

‘Great, when can we build it”. We presented the work and they bought it there and then, no negative comments or amendments. We even said “Don’t you want to argue first?’

Sometimes, things go wrong. Things get broken, milk gets spilled, food gets burned, tempers are lost. My job was to bring all these experiences to life in posts with comments likes and shares.

I was responsible for the entire thing from initial scamp through to final delivery. Art direction of the box and its contents, the 3D visuals to wow the client and the design and artwork of its contents.

My creative partner and I were responsible fo the communications for various M&G funds. We created integrated campaigns across digital, print, outdoor and digital outdoor. All digital concepts and production were homepage takeovers.

Helping this amazing charity raise awareness of the fantastic specialist services they provide in the workplace. Most of us don’t know that this kind support is available.

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