Tourism Australia

The Brief
Tourism Australia had noticed a decline in applications for Working holiday Visas. Competition was growing from places such as South Africa and South America. Our brief was to Inspire young people to work their way around Australia. Aimed at the UK youth and backpacker market, utilising an advocacy site with £20,000 target media spend.

The Solution
Meet Matt & Lucy and share their real life experiences. Humanizing the online experience allowed us to build in aspiration and advocacy elements. By involving the user in two ‘stories’, both male and female, the user was engaged with the brand. The copy promotes the benefits of obtaining a Working Holiday Visa. Full written and visual account illustrating all stages of Matt & Lucy’s journeys were in downloadable .pdf format. You could also get top tips for working in Australia, up to date info on travel deals as well as the chance to win a holiday to Australia (5,700 entries received)

With the advertising campaign to promote the site just 3 weeks old, the number of visitors was more than double Tourism Australia’s target for the site. Within 6 weeks we had achieved a whopping 269% of target, stimulating roll-out to a further 4 European markets. It also went on to pick up a merit at the MCCA awards.

About Tourism Australia
“Great, when can we build it”. We presented the work and they bought it there and then, no negative comments or adjustments. We even said “Don’t you want to argue first?”

Every once in a while a dream client comes along. I loved working on Tourism Australia, we built up a great relationship with them. Great assets, images, graphics and brand guidelines.

Not going to lie to you…this is not my newest work. But it was so successful, made the client very happy and picked up an award along the way. How could I take it out of the folio?

I was the lead creative on this project.
The rest of the team included

Kola Ogundipe

Build & Animation:
Wade Kuhn

Steve Hoskins

The lower pages take you through their incredible journeys, the content buckets invite you to deepen the experience further.

Drive to site: Online advertising – Banners and rich media.